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The Path to Enhanced Wellbeing with Deep TMS

At Plus by APN, we prioritize your mental health journey with a personalized Deep TMS treatment plan.

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Start with a comprehensive evaluation, combining Deep TMS and holistic approaches for a customized treatment plan. Our empathetic team provides data-driven and deeply attuned care to your psychiatric needs, ensuring a treatment that resonates with you.

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The typical duration for most Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment plans is 6 to 8 weeks. Consistent tracking of your progress is vital as we adapt to the changing needs of your brain’s plasticity. Our commitment is to your steady advancement towards mental wellness.

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Your Path to Well-being

Personalized Mental Health Care for Diverse Needs

Plus by APN offers specialized Deep TMS services, recognizing the distinct needs of each individual’s battle with depression.

  • For Individuals: Explore Plus by APN’s Deep TMS services in Edwards, CO, a beacon of hope for those who find traditional treatments lacking. We provide a personalized approach, embracing your unique struggles with depression through science-backed, non-pharmacological methods.
  • For Health Professionals: Trust in our expertise in mental health care, as we offer Deep TMS services grounded in scientific research. Refer your patients to a treatment that provides a new perspective beyond conventional methods.
  • For Caregivers: Discover a Supportive Environment at Plus by APN for your loved ones undergoing depression treatment. Our Deep TMS services offer a compassionate, innovative approach, ensuring your journey is as fulfilling and hopeful as theirs.
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Deep TMS sessions conducted at Plus locations across the US in 2023 alone


Of patients being treated for major depression achieved a clinical response in the Brainsway TMS recorded data of 1300 treated patients


Additional conditions CE-marked for treatment with TMS in the UK, though considered off-label in the US


Deep TMS for Anxiety and Depression

Meet Kelsey, one of our Plus team members. She’ll walk you through a bit about what to expect from Deep TMS at APN Lodge and any of our Plus by APN locations.

Deep TMS

FDA-approved treatment for depression, OCD, and more

Deep TMS

Ketamine Treatment

Psychedelic intervention for depression, SI, and more

Ketamine Treatment


In-person and telehealth therapy for holistic, somatic, and lasting progress.


Psychiatry & Medication Management

"Traditional" psychiatry with medication management for your conditions.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Stellate Ganglion Block

Dual sympathetic reset for PTSD, trauma, and more

Stellate Ganglion Block

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In-person and telehealth IOP for evidence-based and holistic interventions at a higher level than weekly therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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Innovative Personalized Therapy

Insurance Coverage

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A Harmonious Blend of Science and Humanity

Plus by APN - Champions of Revolutionary Mental Health Care

At Plus by APN, personal stories intersect with cutting-edge science. Our treatment plans are as unique as the individuals we serve, with advances like Deep TMS therapy and evidence-based psychiatric treatments guiding our mission.

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Plus by APN's Step-by-Step Aid to Well-being

Your Ally in Mental Wellness

We Recognize the Deeply Personal Nature of Your Journey to Mental Health Wellness, and it can often feel overwhelming. With Plus by APN in Edward, CO, you’re not alone. Our Deep TMS therapy—a leading-edge treatment for depression —reinforces our psychiatric services with innovation and heartfelt care. By tailoring treatment to your needs with precise, gentle stimulation, our approach aims for high remission rates and sustained recovery, shaping a brighter future for our patients.

  • Thorough Assessment: We start with an in-depth evaluation to understand your story and align our therapies with your health goals.
  • Personalized Plans: Incorporating treatments like Deep TMS, medications, and therapy, creating a plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • Responsive Care: Adapting and Refining Your Plan as You Progress Toward Remission, relying on the latest data for the best response.

Initiate Your Journey Toward Rediscovering Hope and Wellness; let us help you turn the page today.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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Can Deep TMS be effective for those without relief from medication alone?

Yes, it has proven efficacy for patients who haven’t found adequate relief with medication. By directly targeting neural pathways, it offers a new avenue for remission in cases of treatment-resistant depressive disorder.

How does Plus by APN ensure a holistic approach to addressing mental health disorders?

At Plus by APN, we combine advanced treatments like Deep TMS with holistic therapy options. Our individualized care considers the full spectrum of behavioral health, ensuring you receive comprehensive support tailored to your healing journey.

How does Plus by APN tailor therapy to each individual’s psychiatric needs?

We begin with a personalized assessment and create a diversified treatment plan incorporating Deep TMS, psychiatry, and counseling. Our responsive treatment adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring mental health care that genuinely resonates with you.

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