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They said that I might be a candidate [for TMS] due to some issues with depression and anxiety… I found that my sleep was improving. My mood was improving. It was really quite something. It’s been a positive experience all around.


I’m a professional alpine ski racer and an 8-time national champion. I’ve been incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to really maximize my recovery so I can get the most out of every session…It can be restorative for my body but also my mind.

Nina O'Brien

I’ve already been talking to anyone who will listen about [SGB]. I believe we’re just scratching the surface with the applications of [SGB]. I think it can help so many people in so many different ways.


I dealt with PTSD on top of anxiety and depression. Probably the first week [of HBOT], I had much more focus and much more clarity. The fog of war had disappeared.

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