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Embarking on your journey towards mental wellness can feel overwhelming. However, with Plus by APN in Dallas, TX, each step is thoughtfully designed to guide you toward a healthier, more balanced life. Our approach is both straightforward and thorough, ensuring your unique needs are acknowledged, evaluated, and met with the highest level of respect and care.

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Begin your wellness journey with our detailed assessment, offering a variety of innovative treatments like therapy, Deep TMS, and ketamine therapy.

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Benefit from the support of our committed team, fostering connections to aid your recovery and growth, helping you overcome barriers such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, trauma, stress, and more on your mental health journey.

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Diverse Healing Support

Innovative Mental Health Care Designed for You

At Plus by APN, our approach to mental health goes beyond traditional treatments. We understand that every journey is unique, whether it’s your own, your patients’, or your loved ones.’


For Individuals: Embark on a journey tailored to your individual needs. Our assessments and treatments go beyond the norm, focusing on your personal battle with conditions like bipolar disorder. Experience a blend of innovative therapies, including Deep TMS, designed to resonate with your unique life story.

For Healthcare Professionals: Place your trust in our reputable, evidence-based mental health solutions. At Plus by APN, we offer healthcare professionals resources and treatments that stand out in their efficacy and integrity. Equip yourself with the tools to provide unparalleled care to your patients.For Caregivers: Find a nurturing community where empathy blends with innovation. Caregivers will find a sanctuary at Plus by APN, where comprehensive care options, including advanced therapies like Deep TMS, are available to ensure your loved ones receive the best possible path to wellness while supporting your journey alongside them.

55 % ~

Of depression clients in a 2019 ketamine treatment trial reported a noticeable improvement in their symptoms that lasted at least 6 months


Studies were reviewed in 2020 to evaluate the effects of IV ketamine vs nasal esketamine. IV ketamine demonstrated a greater response rate and remission rate than nasal esketamine.

2.8 million ~

Adults in the US have major depression that has also been categorized as treatment-resistant depression, meaning that psych medication alone hasn’t provided enough relief.



Learn from Lana, the Director of Traumatic Stress Programming, about ketamine-assisted therapy.

Deep TMS

FDA-approved treatment for depression, OCD, and more

Deep TMS

Ketamine Treatment

Psychedelic intervention for depression, SI, and more

Ketamine Treatment


In-person and telehealth therapy for holistic, somatic, and lasting progress.


Psychiatry & Medication Management

"Traditional" psychiatry with medication management for your conditions.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Stellate Ganglion Block

Dual sympathetic reset for PTSD, trauma, and more

Stellate Ganglion Block

Neurofeedback & qEEG

Brain mapping and re-training for healing and progress tracking

Neurofeedback & qEEG

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Pressurized oxygen for wound healing, inflammation, and more.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Innovative Personalized Therapy

Checking Your Insurance Coverage

Understanding insurance coverage should be straightforward and stress-free with us. At Plus by APN, we recognise the importance of clarity and ease in your journey to wellness. Let’s work together to sift through the details of your coverage and discover a payment plan that fits your needs.

Where Personal Journeys Inspire Cutting-Edge Mental Health Solutions

Introducing Plus by APN: Leaders in Interventional Psychiatry

At Plus by APN, we are not just a mental health facility; we are pioneers of progress. Our dedicated team, through comprehensive approaches and customized care plans, is committed to guiding you to wellness. Your story inspires our innovation in treatments like Deep TMS and medication management, grounded in the latest scientific research and offered across Dallas and beyond. 

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Woman with Eye Mask on Getting Earphones Put On
Embarking on a Healing Path: Personalized Care and Advanced Therapies at Plus by APN in Dallas

Your Journey to Balance and Healing

At Plus by APN, we cherish each individual’s unique journey toward mental health. In the heart of Dallas, TX, we address your struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health challenges with unparalleled empathy, providing a spectrum of treatment options. Our team of experts is committed to illuminating your path to wellness through these carefully designed steps:


Personalized Assessment

Begin your journey with Plus by APN through an honest and transparent assessment of your mental health needs, where we listen intently and empathize with your story.


Tailored Therapy Solutions

We craft a treatment plan that’s as unique as you are, incorporating advanced therapies like Deep TMS and personalized medication management, all aimed at enhancing your well-being.


Ongoing Support and Care

Join us at Plus by APN for continuous, compassionate support. We ensure that your journey towards mental health is not only steady but also filled with progress and understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What can I expect from Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Dallas, TX?

Expect compassion coupled with cutting-edge methodologies. Our personalized treatment plans may include medication management, therapy, and innovative treatments like Deep TMS and ketamine treatment. We prioritize your unique needs to find the right balance of care.

How is my personal treatment plan developed?

Our mental healthcare team in Dallas begins with a thorough assessment, considering factors like medical history and personal goals. We craft a plan that’s as individual as you are, aiming for holistic well-being.

Are cutting-edge treatments like Deep TMS safe and scientifically backed?

Absolutely. At Plus by APN, we embrace innovation grounded in science. Treatments like Deep TMS have been scientifically validated and administered by trained professionals, ensuring efficacy and safety.

What support systems are available during treatment?

Our team supports your journey by believing that connection fosters healing. From patient advocates to clinical experts, we’re dedicated to providing a support system every step of the way, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.

How does Plus by APN ensure privacy and confidentiality?

Respect for your privacy is integral to our values. We rigorously adhere to confidentiality protocols and provide a secure space for you to receive treatment so your personal information and healthcare journey remain protected.

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