Navigating Your Journey to Recovery: Our Patient-Focused Process

Your journey at Plus by APN starts with our heartfelt understanding and compassion. From the initial free consultation to curating a plan unique to your needs, we guide you effortlessly every step of the way. Our devoted team will seamlessly coordinate with you, ensuring a stress-free journey to wellness rooted in trust and reliability.

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Begin with an in-depth evaluation and introductory session to kickstart your personalized plan. We monitor your progress and refine your treatment strategy, incorporating a range of innovative therapies including Deep TMS and trauma-informed counseling.

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Embark on a journey to address core issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, trauma, and stress. We provide ongoing support and adapt your treatment as you advance, ensuring a collaborative and transformative path to wellness.

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Compassionate Care for Diverse Journeys in Mental Wellness

Tailored Mental Health Solutions for You

  • For Individuals Battling the Overwhelming Waves of PTSD, OCD, Depression, or EUPD: We offer a sanctuary and a promise of innovative, personalized treatment that acknowledges the complexity of your experience.
  • Caregivers and Loved Ones Seeking Solace and Effective Solutions: For those caring for loved ones, we provide comprehensive care that extends beyond medication to holistic and emerging therapies.
  • Health Professionals and Referring Physicians will discover in Plus by APN a partner as dedicated and meticulous in providing cutting-edge interventional psychiatry services for their patients.
55 % ~

Of depression clients in a 2019 ketamine treatment trial reported a noticeable improvement in their symptoms that lasted at least 6 months


Studies were reviewed in 2020 to evaluate the effects of IV ketamine vs nasal esketamine. IV ketamine demonstrated a greater response rate and remission rate than nasal esketamine.

2.8 million ~

Adults in the US have major depression that has also been categorized as treatment-resistant depression, meaning that psych medication alone hasn’t provided enough relief.



Learn from Lana, the Director of Traumatic Stress Programming, about ketamine-assisted therapy.

Deep TMS

FDA-approved treatment for depression, OCD, and more

Deep TMS

Ketamine Treatment

Psychedelic intervention for depression, SI, and more

Ketamine Treatment

Psychiatry & Medication Management

"Traditional" psychiatry with medication management for your conditions.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Stellate Ganglion Block

Dual sympathetic reset for PTSD, trauma, and more

Stellate Ganglion Block

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Innovative Personalized Therapy

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage can sometimes feel like another maze on your healing journey. But you’re not alone in this. With a call, we’ll explore your insurance options, verify your benefits, and walk you through payment plans that respect your needs and circumstances—no guesswork, just clear steps forward.

Pioneers of Holistic Psychiatric Care

Introducing Plus by APN

Step into a world where your mental health story is heard and deeply honored. Plus by APN is more than a team; it’s a fellowship of experts specializing in interventional psychiatry and innovative healthcare solutions. With us, your journey to well-being is powered by science and delivered with a human touch—across Denver, across Colorado, and beyond. Each therapy, ranging from Deep TMS to Ketamine Treatment, is selected for its scientific solid backing and harmony with your unique life story.

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The Plus by APN Advantage

Why Plus by APN is Your Ally in Mental Health and Healing

Choosing us means opting for a journey where your mental well-being is not just a destination but a continual growth path. At Plus by APN, we blend the latest neurotech and therapy with time-honored counseling, progressively guiding you toward balance and rejuvenation. Adaptive to every twist and turn, your treatment plan combines innovation with the seasoned expertise of Colorado’s finest trauma therapists and psychologists.

At Plus by APN, we understand that your journey through trauma, stress, or mental health challenges is deeply personal. Our Denver, CO team, embracing empathy and expertise, offers a beacon of hope within the realm of PTSD therapy, trauma counseling, and depression treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What sets Plus by APN's PTSD therapy apart from others in Denver, Colorado?

Why Plus by APN Stands Out: In the Denver area, our personalized approach to PTSD therapy sets us apart. With a deep understanding of trauma’s complexities, we provide innovative treatments like SGB and Deep TMS, guided by therapists whose expertise brings healing beyond traditional methods.

How can trauma therapy help, and what forms does it take at Plus by APN?

Empowerment Through Trauma Therapy: At Plus by APN, our trauma therapy, tailored for the Denver, CO community, addresses the root of your trauma, fostering resilience and coping strategies. Our forms of therapy include Trauma-Informed Counseling and other cutting-edge Treatments, transcending conventional treatment to support your recovery journey.

What is the experience like with a trauma therapist at your centers?

A Safe and Supportive Environment: Our trauma therapists in Denver, Colorado, create a space where your story is heard and deeply validated. Empathetic and experienced, they guide you through individualized treatment plans that promote healing and personal growth at every step.

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