Micah is a certified hyperbaric and emergency medical technician certified in basic life support. He now serves as Manager of Market Development for Plus, still specializing in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Edwards, CO. He came to APN because he values evidenced-based practices and the opportunity to play a critical role in tangible, efficient, and consistent behavioral and physical changes in patients’ lives. Micah is passionate about research focused on meeting the needs of underserved communities.

Micah values his ability to support clients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and is excited to continue to use his clinical research skills to contribute to the growing body of objective research supporting HBOT. He believes that the faster we can restore patients’ bodies physiologically, the more effectively we can support their journey toward behavioral progress at APN.


Micah graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Biology from High Point University, where he was a Junior Marshal and a member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. He has worked clinically and managerially in cardiovascular health at Vail Health and in dermatology at Colorado Mountain Medical clinics and completed two medical internships in Kenya.

Micah has a background in orthopedics biomedical research and worked on a team to research bone mineral density shoe technology design for the prevention of foot fractures. After their research was published, Micah presented his team’s project at the American College of Sports Medicine.

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