Derrick Hinds is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addictions Counselor specializing in clinical behavioral health settings. He offers therapy in-person in Aurora, CO as well as via telehealth. Derrick holds a deep appreciation for his clients’ lived experiences and our basic human need for compassion, safety, individual identity, and community. Derrick believes that every person has innate value, filling a vital and unique role in this world – that we all have the potential to offer something good to ourselves and others.


Derrick has a master’s degree in Community Counseling and has worked in community mental health in Colorado for almost 20 years. He specializes in clinical behavioral health settings, supporting clients with mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, relationship issues, parenting struggles, grief and loss, career challenges, criminal justice involvement, and self-esteem issues.

Derrick supports his clients in their recovery journey through psychoeducation, creating a safe space where they can share their thoughts and feelings. He fosters insight and elicits feedback so they can take deliberate and informed steps toward a healthier relationship with themselves and others. His counseling style is strengths-based, utilizing various therapeutic approaches from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectal-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Skills, Motivational Interviewing, and wellness practices.

Derrick draws on a person-centered philosophy that seeks to create a therapeutic alliance to help clients identify and overcome common cognitive distortions and negative emotional states, replacing them with healthy coping skills to develop emotional healing and self-compassion.

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