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Your journey at Plus by APN starts with our heartfelt understanding and compassion. From the initial free consultation to curating a plan unique to your needs, we guide you effortlessly every step of the way. Our devoted team will seamlessly coordinate with you, ensuring a stress-free journey to wellness rooted in trust and reliability.

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Commence your mental health journey at Plus by APN with an Initial Consultation. Our expert team actively listens to comprehend your unique needs, laying the groundwork for effective treatment with empathy and a deep understanding of your story.

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Take the first step towards healing with us. Begin your journey with a personalized assessment and experience the power of Tailored Therapy at Plus by APN. We create personalized care plans that integrate advanced treatments like deep TMS and ketamine therapy, customizing these innovative techniques to your specific path and ensuring a holistic route to wellness.

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Throughout your healing journey, Plus by APN offers unwavering support. We’re committed to being by your side, adapting and responding to your needs with continuous care and encouragement, ensuring you feel supported at every step of your treatment.

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Personalized Mental Health Pathways at Plus by APN

Tailored Mental Health Solutions for You

Embark on a journey of healing and understanding with Plus by APN in Malibu, CA. Our tailored PTSD therapies cater to diverse needs:

For Individuals: If you’re facing challenges with PTSD, immerse yourself in our nurturing environment, offering PTSD therapy and trauma-informed care specifically designed to bring comfort and healing.

For Professionals: Psychiatrists and therapists will discover innovative treatment options to enhance their practice, ensuring the best for their clients.

For Caregivers: Loved ones supporting those with mental health challenges will find a reliable partner in us. Trust our transparent, science-backed methods to instill hope and foster long-term well-being.

Take the first step towards a personalized healing experience. Schedule your consultation today.

55 % ~

Of depression clients in a 2019 ketamine treatment trial reported a noticeable improvement in their symptoms that lasted at least 6 months


Studies were reviewed in 2020 to evaluate the effects of IV ketamine vs nasal esketamine. IV ketamine demonstrated a greater response rate and remission rate than nasal esketamine.

2.8 million ~

Adults in the US have major depression that has also been categorized as treatment-resistant depression, meaning that psych medication alone hasn’t provided enough relief.



Learn from Lana, the Director of Traumatic Stress Programming, about ketamine-assisted therapy.

Deep TMS

FDA-approved treatment for depression, OCD, and more

Deep TMS

Ketamine Treatment

Psychedelic intervention for depression, SI, and more

Ketamine Treatment

Neurofeedback & qEEG

Brain mapping and re-training for healing and progress tracking

Neurofeedback & qEEG


In-person and telehealth therapy for holistic, somatic, and lasting progress.


Psychiatry & Medication Management

"Traditional" psychiatry with medication management for your conditions.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Stellate Ganglion Block

Dual sympathetic reset for PTSD, trauma, and more

Stellate Ganglion Block

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Innovative Personalized Therapy

Insurance Coverage

Understanding your coverage shouldn’t be a barrier to mental wellness. At Plus by APN, we navigate the complexities of insurance coverage with you, ensuring that mental healthcare is within reach. Connect with us to review your benefits and learn about payment options that respect your circumstances.

Discover Innovative Mental Health Care at Plus by APN

Dedicated Experts in Mental Wellness

At Plus by APN, our fabric is woven with integrity, compassion, and the drive for innovation. We are committed to delivering mental health treatments that resonate deeply with your unique story, fostering a personal and meaningful healing experience.

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Embrace a journey of compassion, expertise, and hope with Plus by APN – where every step forward is a step towards a better you.

Commit to a journey with Plus By APN Malibu, CA-based team that values progress through connection and personalized care. Experience treatments curated to encourage hope amidst trauma and inspire recovery beyond depression.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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What does starting my mental health journey with Plus by APN involve?

Your journey with us in Malibu, CA, is a transformative experience in advanced mental healthcare. Our team, known for their deep compassion, offers a range of treatments, from PTSD therapy to comprehensive medication management, all aimed at guiding you from challenging times to a place of healing and light.

Can you tell me more about the treatment plans at Plus by APN?

Our approach to Collaborative Care involves a team-centric strategy. We actively integrate a variety of therapies, including stellate ganglion block, to deliver comprehensive trauma recovery. It’s all about working together to support your journey to wellness.

What sets Plus by APN apart in its approach to mental healthcare?

At Plus by APN, our approach is rooted in understanding, compassion, and cutting-edge treatments. Located in Malibu, CA, we focus on holistic well-being, helping you transition from challenging times to a more hopeful, enlightened state. Our commitment is not just to clinical excellence but also to nurturing your overall mental wellness.

What kind of support can I expect throughout my treatment?

From the moment you start with a free consultation through every stage of your treatment, our team is with you. We provide continuous support, ensuring you always have the guidance and assistance you need on your path to healing.

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