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Explore Our Expertly Guided Ketamine Treatments in Malibu to Reduce Depression and Promote Mental Health

At Plus by APN, we’re deeply committed to your mental health journey, offering a holistic approach that combines advanced treatments with compassionate care. Our method is designed to address the complexities of mental health, ensuring a path toward wellness that is as unique as you are.

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At Plus by APN, we’re deeply committed to your mental health journey, offering a holistic approach that combines advanced treatments with compassionate care. Our method is designed to address the complexities of mental health, ensuring a path toward wellness that is as unique as you are.

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Embark on your transformative path through collaborative treatment planning tailored to your needs. Experience the benefits of ketamine-assisted treatments in a comfortable and customized way.

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Experience ongoing support as you progress through your treatment. Plus by APN provides a continuum of care, enhancing your therapy experience within our supportive environment. We’re here to help you overcome barriers on your path to mental health wellness.

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Finding Solace with Ketamine Therapy

At Plus by APN, Every Mind Matters

Our Ketamine therapy reaches out to all, from individuals weighed by depression seeking solace in Malibu’s serenity to health professionals advocating for revolutionary treatment programs and caregivers devoted to nurturing long-term healing. Every story is honored, every struggle met with advanced psychotherapy and medication innovation in California’s haven of hope.



55 % ~

Of depression clients in a 2019 ketamine treatment trial reported a noticeable improvement in their symptoms that lasted at least 6 months




Studies were reviewed in 2020 to evaluate the effects of IV ketamine vs nasal esketamine. IV ketamine demonstrated a greater response rate and remission rate than nasal esketamine.



2.8 million ~

Adults in the US have major depression that has also been categorized as treatment-resistant depression, meaning that psych medication alone hasn’t provided enough relief.





Learn from Lana, the Director of Traumatic Stress Programming, about ketamine-assisted therapy.



Deep TMS

FDA-approved treatment for depression, OCD, and more

Deep TMS

Ketamine Treatment

Psychedelic intervention for depression, SI, and more

Ketamine Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In-person and telehealth IOP for evidence-based and holistic interventions at a higher level than weekly therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


In-person and telehealth therapy for holistic, somatic, and lasting progress.


Psychiatry & Medication Management

"Traditional" psychiatry with medication management for your conditions.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Stellate Ganglion Block

Dual sympathetic reset for PTSD, trauma, and more

Stellate Ganglion Block

Neurofeedback & qEEG

Brain mapping and re-training for healing and progress tracking

Neurofeedback & qEEG

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Innovative Personalized Treatment

Understanding Insurance

Understanding insurance coverage and payment for ketamine therapy can feel complex. At Plus by APN, we simplify the financial journey for you. Whether you’re in California, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the United States, allow us to review your options, verify your insurance benefits, and explore flexible payment methods with you.

Innovating Mental Health Care

Plus by APN - Pioneers of Compassionate, Science-Driven Mental Health Care

At Plus by APN, we extend beyond conventional psychotherapy and medication. Our clinics in Malibu and across the United States exude a friendly embrace of innovative mental health care. From Deep TMS to IOP, our treatments reflect our dedication to integrity, innovation, and respect—each plan is rooted in the latest medicine and therapy breakthroughs, all to honor your story.

Why join the Plus by APN community? Because we merge heartfelt connection with trailblazing mental wellness. Our Spravato and therapy, along with treatments like neurofeedback, are gateways to renewed well-being offered in our welcoming Malibu location and throughout the United States. Embrace an evidence-based yet profoundly human approach to overcoming addiction, depression, and beyond.

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Stepping Stones to Your Renewal

At Plus by APN in Malibu, we weave a fabric of support tailored just for you, embracing a blend of ketamine or Spravato and therapy + medication management. We are here to help with:

  • Expert depression treatment using ketamine or Spravato to catalyze healing
  • Comprehensive psychotherapy treatment programs in California, uniting modern science with empathic care
  • A thoughtful array of supportive services that go beyond medication, addressing the roots of addiction and mental health challenges
  • Harnessing breakthrough technologies such as Deep TMS, neurofeedback, and ketamine
  • Together, we embark on a path where your healing is our priority, in a setting where camaraderie and professional expertise thrive



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





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What exactly is ketamine therapy, and how can it benefit me?

Ketamine therapy is an innovative treatment once famous for helping on surgical tables, now revolutionizing the fight against depression. It has shown promising results by inducing rapid and robust improvements, especially in those who haven’t found relief with traditional medications.


How do Plus by APN's ketamine treatments differ from traditional depression therapies?

Unlike conventional treatments, our ketamine-assisted therapy and Spravato at Plus by APN combine personalized care with the therapeutic potential of ketamine. We target the deeper neurological roots of depression, providing a refreshing option for those seeking alternatives to traditional methods.


Is ketamine therapy a safe option for managing my symptoms?

When administered by our skilled treatment team within the controlled, serene environment of our Malibu clinic, ketamine therapy can be a safe and monitored route to managing symptoms of depression and anxiety, with your well-being as our chief concern. Potential side effects can occur. To learn more about side effects, visit Our ketamine therapy is supervised throughout your treatment to monitor and respond to any concerns or side effects.


Can I continue my current medications while receiving ketamine infusions?

Each treatment plan at Plus by APN is as unique as you are. We’ll collaborate closely with you to integrate ketamine therapy into your existing regimen, ensuring it complements your ongoing treatments and medications with safety and harmony at heart.


How does Plus by APN support my mental wellness beyond ketamine therapy?

At Plus by APN in Malibu, your journey extends beyond ketamine treatment. We nurture your mental wellness through a harmonious blend of therapies, environment, and continuous support to help you find and maintain your balance.


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