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Science Meets Compassion in Dallas : A Dual Sympathetic Reset with Stellate Ganglion Block

At Plus by APN, we are committed to providing a tailored stellate ganglion block experience, focusing on your unique pain management needs. Our approach blends medical precision with compassionate care, ensuring a journey toward lasting relief.

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Tailored Mental Health Solutions

Personalized Stellate Ganglion Block in Dallas

At Plus by APN, we specialize in stellate ganglion blocks, offering a compassionate and innovative approach to those wrestling with chronic pain, PTSD, and related conditions. We customize our services to meet the unique needs of individuals, healthcare professionals, and caregivers, ensuring a supportive journey toward wellness and relief.

For Individuals:

Embark on a transformative path with our stellate ganglion nerve blocks in Dallas. Designed for those battling depression, anxiety, or PTSD, our treatments provide a sympathetic reset, leading you toward a state of calm and serenity.

For Health Professionals:

Join hands with us in revolutionizing pain management and recovery. As healthcare champions, partner with Plus by APN to access cutting-edge regenerative medicine solutions, expanding the scope of effective treatments for your patients.

For Caregivers:

Seeing a loved one in pain can be deeply challenging. At Plus by APN, we offer a nurturing treatment option with our stellate ganglion blocks. Here, empathy and innovation converge, providing a supportive treatment journey for both you and your loved one.

70 % ~

Of trial participants experienced high rates of rapid clinical improvement in PTSD symptoms


81 %

Of Stella clients found relief from PTSD symptoms after only one treatment


100+ ~

SGB treatments given at Plus since the beginning of our partnership with Stella in February of 2023



Stellate Ganglion Block with Lana

Meet Lana Seiler, LCSW, DAAETS, PAT*, and Clinical Manager of the Traumatic Stress Program with APN. In this video, Lana will introduce you to the dual sympathetic reset by Stella and what that process looks like with Plus by APN.


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Insurance coverage varies based on location, treatment, and condition. Instead of trying to figure that out yourself, let us take over. We can assess your needs, verify your insurance benefits, and discuss payment options together.

Shaping the Future of Mental Health Care

Plus by APN: Pioneers of Transformative Psychiatry

Grounded in integrity and propelled by innovation, Plus by APN is your trusted partner in interventional psychiatry. Our team, versed in the latest science, holds your story at the heart of your personalized treatment plan. From stellate ganglion blocks to Deep TMS and beyond, our diverse therapeutic options embody hope and respect for every patient’s journey.

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Commitment to Excellence in Treatment and Care

Trust Plus by APN for Your Treatment

Choose us for authentic hope in mental health care. With daily advancements in mental health treatment, our dedicated professionals use data-driven techniques like sympathetic blocks and block injections for targeted pain relief and management. Your progress is our mission, achieved through clear communication and unwavering support. 

At Plus by APN, we understand your quest for relief from chronic pain and debilitating psychological symptoms. Our compassionate Dallas-based team offers the stellate ganglion block – a beacon of hope for those in pursuit of pain management and a sympathetic reset. By injecting a local anesthetic with precision-guided injections into the stellate ganglion, we aim to alleviate discomfort and restore tranquillity. This block procedure is part of our comprehensive approach to mental health, aimed at not just treating symptoms but fostering a path to total wellness. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Stellate Ganglion Block therapy aims to clarify the path to mental wellness through improved understanding, trust, and healing.


Our Plus team can help.

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What distinguishes the stellate ganglion block offered at Plus by APN in Dallas?

Our stellate ganglion blocks stand out through personalized care in Dallas, TX. We conduct thorough patient assessments to ensure this regenerative medicine aligns with your needs. Our expert physicians are skilled in the precision of guided injections that promise relief.

How quickly can I expect pain relief after an SGB procedure?

Many patients report immediate relief from symptoms following the nerve block while others take a bit more time. As each client’s experience with chronic pain syndromes or mental health is unique, our team at Plus by APN will monitor your progress and tailor pain management strategies accordingly.

Could a guided injection of a local anaesthetic improve my long-term well-being?

Yes, the injection of local anesthetic during stellate ganglion block procedures aims not just for temporary comfort but for the meaningful, long-term betterment of your well-being, emphasizing a holistic approach to your health.

Is the block procedure for stellate ganglion suitable for everyone?

Most individuals with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, or specific pain syndromes may benefit from a stellate ganglion block. During your consultation at our centre in Dallas, we’ll evaluate your case to ensure suitability and safety.

Who is an ideal candidate for nerve blocks, and what conditions do they best address?

Ideal candidates include individuals struggling with conditions that affect the spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system, such as specific chronic pain syndromes and stress disorders like PTSD.

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