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Your Pathway to Peace: Understanding the SGB Treatment - A Dual Sympathetic Reset

Embark on a transformative journey with Plus by APN’s Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) treatment, a pathway designed to guide you toward peace and mental wellness.


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Initiate your journey towards healing by engaging in a compassionate consultation. Reach out to us through call, chat, or our quick form, and we’ll attentively listen to develop a personalized stellate ganglion block strategy just for you.


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Embark on your collaborative treatment journey with our expert providers in Boulder, CO. Experience a stellate ganglion block, renowned for its effectiveness in addressing deep-rooted pain and psychological conditions, as we tailor the process to your unique needs.


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Healing is a continuous journey. After your SGB therapy, Plus by APN remains committed to your side, providing ongoing support and guidance to foster lasting peace and wellness, helping you overcome hurdles like depression, anxiety, and stress.


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Tailored Mental Health Solutions for Every Individual Story

Customized mental health solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every individual.

Discover if Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) is the right choice for you with Plus by APN, where innovative care meets compassion, offering relief and support for individuals and caregivers alike.

  • Relief for Individuals: If you struggle with depression, PTSD, or chronic stress that weighs heavily on your soul, our stellate ganglion block in Boulder, CO, may serve as your stepping stone toward serenity.
  • Trusted by Health Professionals: Healthcare advocates take comfort in referring patients to Plus by APN’s SGB treatments, where advanced psychiatry merges with the compassion every patient deserves.
  • Compassion for Caregivers: For those caring for loved ones with mental health conditions, discover how SGB at Plus by APN provides a supportive, effective treatment option to alleviate shared burdens.
70 % ~

Of trial participants experienced high rates of rapid clinical improvement in PTSD symptoms


81 %

Of Stella clients found relief from PTSD symptoms after only one treatment


100+ ~

SGB treatments given at Plus since the beginning of our partnership with Stella in February of 2023



Stellate Ganglion Block with Lana

Meet Lana Seiler, LCSW, DAAETS, PAT*, and Clinical Manager of the Traumatic Stress Program with APN. In this video, Lana will introduce you to the dual sympathetic reset by Stella and what that process looks like with Plus by APN.


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Achieving Your Holistic Well-being Through the Integration of Science and Humanity

Plus by APN: Pioneers in Personalized Mental Health Care

At Plus by APN, we harmoniously blend the science of healing with the heart of compassion. Based in Boulder, Colorado, our facilities, including the one in Boulder, shine as defenses of integrated mental health treatments, from innovative SGB therapies to advanced neurotherapy. Our doctors personalize each treatment plan, ensuring every patient, whether nearby in CO or connecting virtually, experiences our commitment to their recovery.

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Supporting Your Journey Back to Wellness


At Plus by APN, our mission is tailored around your needs, offering a warm and caring environment for individuals grappling with mental health challenges in Boulder, CO. Our seasoned providers skillfully administer stellate ganglion blocks, a crucial nerve block treatment for alleviating symptoms of PTSD and chronic stress. We strive to ensure your path to recovery is clear and comforting with every procedure.

  • Free Consultation: Begin with a heart-to-heart conversation to find your tailored treatment path.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Receive a thoughtful evaluation with a plan to meet your unique needs.
  • Innovative SGB Treatment: Experience the transformative effects of a stellate ganglion blockade delivered by our compassionate doctors.

Why Trust in Plus by APN for Your SGB Therapy?

With over 100+ successful stellate ganglion block treatments delivered since Feb 2023, Plus by APN in Boulder, CO, emerges as a sanctuary for transformative mental health care. Our cutting-edge approach, from dual sympathetic reset injections to comprehensive support, paves your path back to balanced well-being. Choose us for a partnership that cherishes progress in Boulder and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our dedicated Stellate Ganglion Block therapy aims to clarify the path to mental wellness by improving understanding, trust, and healing.


Our Plus team can help.

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What makes the approach to Stellate Ganglion Block at Plus by APN unique in Colorado?

In Boulder, Plus by APN’s SGB therapy stands out through personalized care, mixing the latest science with our heartfelt commitment to your health.


Can you outline the SGB treatment experience at Plus by APN in Boulder?

Your treatment journey begins with an in-depth consultation and a tailored SGB session, ensuring comfort and efficacy.


What improvement timeline should one expect after undergoing SGB treatment?

Many patients report signs of improvement within hours or days post-treatment, as SGB begins to help rebalance their nervous system.


Is it possible to integrate SGB with other therapies offered at Plus by APN?

Absolutely. SGB can be a crucial part of your comprehensive treatment plan, working in synergy with our other tailored mental health therapies.

How does Plus by APN uphold values of integrity and innovation with SGB therapies?

We uphold transparency in our practice and continually seek innovative methods to enhance the therapeutic benefits of SGB for our patients.


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